Personality Tests... Bah Humbug

Ok so i took one of those online personality tests and answered as honestly as i could. and here were my results:

Disorder | Rating
Paranoid: Very High
Schizoid: Very High
Schizotypal: High
Antisocial: Moderate
Borderline: Low
Histrionic: High
Narcissistic: Very High
Avoidant: Moderate
Dependent: Moderate
Obsessive-Compulsive: High

Should i be worried? hehehhehe

Before you answer, see if you fare any better:


Screamo Kids Are Asexual

So apparently i pissed off some people at the last show by suggesting that screamo kids shouldn't bother listening to all those love songs cos they're asexual anyways. heheheehe. But, to be fair, it's true!

On the subject of love, why is it that everyone who means anything to me is ripped away so damn early? Come back. Come back. Come back.

Wow this entry is short like a punk song. Minus those annoying half time breakdowns. Oh wait on i confused punk with screamo again. just like the radio.

Currently listening to: Attack of The B-Killers (cos i can!!), The Dwarves - Must Die, Me First And The Gimme Gimmes - Are a Drag

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Yes it is all over. Two weeks of utter craziness. And it ended on the absurdist of notes - walking down Acland St in a large procession of people wearing wetsuits, dancing with oversized karp. Of course I wasn't allowed to be in the scene because Tony (internationally renowned British Director according to the newspaper hehehehe) thought i was already in too many scenes. So James, Emma and I ran alongside watching it all unfold, trying our hardest not to accidentally stumble into shot. I think we managed. Oh, the newspaper was hilarious. Saturday's edition of The Age. I was expecting the article to be tucked away in the lifestyle or enetrtainment sections, but Myki woke me with a phone call "Have you seen the paper? Your picture is on the front page!!!" Probably the funniest wake up call i've ever had. And when i went out to buy it there i was - staring out at myself. I met my friend Deb for morning coffee and people were reading it at the tables around us, muttering under their breath and pointing. Hilarious. Actually this whole Lonely Planet/Discovery Channel experience has been amazing. Even if tony didnt let me dive with the sharks hehehe. I have met so many great people who i know will remain my friends for years - tony, emma, james, nick, aaron, markos, juan, sheree, sharnuka (sorry i know i didnt spell it right).

But most of all there's Asha. A more beautiful soul i don't think i have ever met. Who would have thought that my good twin (apparently i am the evil one) would exist somewhere in the world, only to be found in some left of centre weird travel documentary on my home town. I can't begin to recount the great times we had. Her very presence calmed and inspired me.We talked books and other creative pursuits for hours, making the Marque our home (yummy roast vege focaccias all round). And to think at the start i was afraid to invite her to Vege Hut lest she, and the rest of the crew, get the wrong idea. Or, rather, see through me. Thankfully i still did, and the good ol' hut didnt disappoint. It really is the world's best vege restaurant. I know i sound like i'm rambling but it is hard to put into words what our time together meant to me. I am thankful for every second. She will retain a special place in me for the rest of my life. Guess a trip to Malaysia is now on the cards.

Meanwhile it was Warren's birthday. The gentle giant. He is such a fantastic person. And he had to spend the day confined to a hospital bed after a terrible car crash a couple of weeks ago left him with a broken neck and fractured skull. Its so shit to see someone you care about suffer like that. But i know he will see it through and be up and about soon. And he is lucky to have a girl like Aviva to be by his side (though she is also lucky to have such a speacial guy as him!!). I've always said you can judge the integrity of a person by how they treat their partners during times of sickness. And in this case, Aviva is a very special soul. Anyways, Wazza, get better quick, mate!

Currently listening to: The Dresden Dolls, The Muffs, Rise Against, Leftover Crack.

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Beyond Discovery!!!
What a show!!! I think that had to go down as one of the most chaotic displays in our history. The turnout was great. The atmosphere was great. The Twits were classic as always (no-one can ever get enough of fred's naked body!!!). We were laughing like little children. And the cross section - punks, religious jews, our old schoolfriends, scenesters... Awesome. For those who weren't there i guess you'll have to wait for when it comes onto the Discovery Channel. But just to say my highlite: those two guys who kept grabbing the microphones and singing random crap being showered with tehini and water directly from my shofar and not even batting an eyelid... Absolutely hilarious. And then when one of them grabbed the mic between songs and said "I didn't know what i was gonna see when i came but i must say i'm glad i did cos this has been the weirdest night of my life". Well, it can't get better than that.

On the down side it was my second last day with asha. she's so fantastic and we have such great fun together. Even if she spends a disproportionate time taking the piss out of me. It seems to be a running theme in my life given that im always travelling. i meet special people who really mean so much to me and then they are ripped away a week or two later. It's a very strange price to pay for all these amazing experiences! Mum asked me today if it upset me that im never in one place long enough to make meaningful connections. I really didn't have an answer. But i know i dont want this week to end!

Currently listening to: Leftover Crack - Fuck World Trade; Rise Against - Siren Song of The Counter Culture; Anthrax - The Sound of White Noise.

Currently Reading - my way through the booker prize long list. And the new Saramago novel "The Double".
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Tongue Tied Discovery
Well we have been filming this whole Lonely Planet/SBS/Discovery Channel thing for a couple of days now and its been a ton of fun. So far I got to fulfil one of my childhood fantasies by going down a fireman's pole (though i couldn't help but wonder whether Steve and his firebuddies are going to get absolutely caned by the boss when the show screens). And to think i have the worst fear of heights too, but it's amazing what you do when you get caught up in the moment! Today i took the crew for a walk down the main "jewish" street of melbourne, carlisle street, and that was pretty funny too. I never realised how much crap you can find in the shops there when you really look hard. Asha went a bit fridge magent crazy, but i could hardly blame her - every malay tv star needs a "no kvetching any time" magnet on her fridge.

Ahhh asha. what a classic girl. she has been great fun to hang out with although every time the camera turns on i become an incoherent schmuck - rambling, mumbling.... oy.... and then we have these great normal chats as soon as it goes off. I think i managed to convert her to the Glicks Everything Bagel - truly a religion in itself. And then there was the waterfight in some restaurant toilet block that had a common sink for the boys and girls loos. Yes, she might have won the pissing contest, but it was not i who left that cubicle soaking wet. Oh yeah!!

Well, there you have it. So far. I'm sure more dickiness shall abound... just wait until the espy show!!! (Did someone say falafel nipples?)
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